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Peter F. Drucker Academy

“Managers and executives in China must be home grown, we can’t rely on importing experts from foreign countries.”


- Peter F. Drucker


“Father of Modern Management” – Peter F. Drucker


Peter F. Drucker was hailed as the “Father of Modern Management”, because he didn’t only introduce the concept of modern management, he was also the first one to turn “Management” into a discipline at university. Drucker was also a pioneering thinker, who predicted that computing technology would change both the world and business operation model in the 50s; On the other hand, he foresaw the rise of industrial Japan in 1961, and the fall of Japan’s Economy in the 80s. Drucker believed that a company could attain success only if it took social responsibility, as well as created values for clients, thus the profit would be produced as by-product after satisfying customers.  

Peter F. Drucker Academy


Wholly owned by MLA Foundation, Peter F. Drucker Academy (Hong Kong) is a registered Non-Profit Management Institute in Hong Kong, exclusively authorized by Peter F. Drucker and his family trust. 

Our Mission

To help individual achieving, organization performing and society functioning through the learning and practicing of Drucker’s Management as a Liberal Art in Greater China. 

Our Values

Compassion ‧ Integrity ‧ Truth

Our Services
We focus on MLA (Management as a Liberal Art) advocacy, research and education. Collaborating with partner institutions, we organize MLA forums, seminars, and power talks for public and community members. In addition, we offer series of management training courses tailor-made for executives, entrepreneurs and young professionals. These courses are rooted in the origin of Drucker’s Management as a Liberal Art, aiming at enhancing effective leadership, decision making, creativity and a sense of social responsibility of individuals and organizations. 


About Drucker Academy

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