Certification Process of Certified Drucker Educator

Certified Drucker Educator


Drucker Academy (DA) follows a rigorous certification process of “Certified Drucker Educator". Only those who have been certified as Certified Drucker Educators (CDE) are allowed to teach Drucker management courses. DA is continuously in search of the competent candidates with different professional backgrounds to join our teaching team. As a certified CDE, besides having outstanding educational background, management experience, as well as teaching and communication skills, the CDE must identify with Drucker management theories, and take the responsibility of preaching Drucker's management theories.



The Selection of Certified Drucker Educator

The Certified Drucker Educator (CDE) candidates will undergo a series of meticulous tests offered by DA, and a few of the competent candidates will be selected. The CDE selection process aims at evaluating the candidates’ understandings of Drucker's management theories, as well as their communication and teaching skills.


The Training of Certified Drucker Educator

The Academy will assign a certified CDE to each CDE during the training. The CDE will provide necessary coaching that suits the teaching style and characteristics of the designated CDE Candidate. The CDE Candidate will also need to practice their teaching skills in actual class, in order to hone their presentation abilities.


The certification of Certified Drucker Educator

Each CDE candidate will be assigned to teaching at actual Drucker course, only those who attain 85% or higher marks graded by students, will be certified as CDE. All CDE must consent to the confidential agreement of the Academy,and comply with the teaching methodology, and teaching quality evaluation system of the Academy.