Our Vision


To foster a prosperous, fair, and healthy society, through training and education of college graduates as well as leaders from business enterprises, government, non-profit organizations.  

Our Value​


Truth initiates evolvement of human and the world. Sometimes truth appears as a tangible form; sometimes it hides away from physical eyes and senses, and lives in the belief of human. The quest for, as well as exploration and recognition of truth, is the spiritual activity that is uniquely human, and differentiates human from other species. Human also grow and develop in the process.


Human dignity is the truth that everyone is born equal with their own fingerprint of potential and worth.


Integrity is the ability of differentiating right from wrong, and follows the right path.


Learning is a life-long process of growing and developing into a whole-person.


Stewardship is the responsibility of capital assets management, and turning the entrusted capital into profit.


Compassion is the act of transforming love towards others into actions that are beneficial to the well beings of others.

Address: Room 1202, 

                 12/F, Singga Commercial Centre,

                 148 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong


地址:      香港干諾道西148 號

                 成基商業中心 12樓1202室

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